Bloody Maggie

In the late 60s, in a small town in Mexico, there existed a ruthless killer who was quite literally a maneater. Magdalena Solis known as the High Priestess of Blood, took the people of Yerbabuena and used them for blood sacrifices and sexual rituals. 

For dinner, Cindy made a traditional Mexican meal of chicken enchiladas verdes. They were finger-licking good. For dessert, she made a strawberry margarita cake that was spongy and tangy. We shared some delicious tequila sunrises. These did not disappoint. 

Time Stamp 30:33

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Where did we get our info from? 

La Yerbabuena (Tamaulipas) Güémez, Mexican village

Serial Killers Hernandez, Cayetano; Hernandez, Santos; and Solis, Magdalena

Magdalena Solís 

The High Priestess of Blood: Dig up this horrific true crime case

What did we eat? 

Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo Recipe

Strawberry Margarita Cake with Tequila Frosting

What did we drink? 

Classic Tequila Sunrise Cocktail



Ba Dum Tiss

​​I'm The Captain

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