Hertz Don’t It

This week we take you to Germany where a man named Egidius Schiffer takes his fetish along on a rampage. We don’t want to yucky anyone’s yum but this dude was scum and his come up was a real shocking tale. 

Cindy matched the theme and made a delicious German Schnitzel with hot German potato salad. For dessert, she made a German apple cake. America pretends they’ve cornered the market on apple desserts but Germany came through.  We drank Paulaner Hefe Weisen, a classic Bavarian wheat beer that was so mild we turned Dana into a beer drinker. 

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Time Stamp 27:45

Where did we get our info 

How can you kill five women and just move on? (speigel panorama)

The blunt miracle weapon (focus online)

Egidius Schiffer Kills Himself During Prison Sex Act Gone Wrong

Egidius Schiffer


What did we eat? 


German Potato Salad

German Apple Cake

What did we drink? 

Paulaner Hefe



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