Illegal Tinder

These days finding love is at our fingertips with apps like Tinder, but who’s really on the other side of that profile? Molly McClaren was a beautiful, friendly girl with a bright future. She swiped right and did all the right things, but her dreamboat became nightmare fuel. 

Cindy took inspiration from this story out of England and served up bangers and mash with stout onion gravy for dinner. For dessert, she prepared a traditional Victoria sponge cake… or was it a torte? We washed it down with a classic Pimms cup, a refreshing British summer cocktail. 

Story starts at 32:55

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Where did we get our info? 

Kent Woman Stabbed.

Molly McLaren Stabbed In Shopping Center

The heroic passer-by who tried to save Molly McLaren's life awarded for his bravery

Molly McLaren review finds Staffordshire Police failed in 2013 investigation

6 chilling warning signs Molly McLaren's killer Joshua Simpson was an obsessive stalker

What happened to Molly McLaren and who is Joshua Stimpson?

Where Is Joshua Stimpson Now?  

Harrowing final text

Mother of Molly McLaren

Who Are Joshua Stimpson Parents, Where Is Molly McLaren Murderer Now?

He Stabbed His Ex-Girlfriend Seventy-Five Times


What did we eat? 

Bangers and Mash with Stout Onion Gravy

Traditional Victoria Sponge Cake

Mary Berry's Victoria Sponge

What did we drink?

Pimm's Cup


Magic Wand Transition


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