Jason In Hell

We’ve all been sucked into the Reddit rabbit hole at least once in our lives. Sometimes the stories are so outrageous, they couldn’t possibly be true. This time, however, the real story was stranger than fiction. This week, Dana covers the story of Jason and Brandi Worley. You won’t believe the outcome. 

Time Stamp 25:08

For dinner, Cindy prepared a Reddit famous recipe of cheesesteak stuffed pasta shells in a cheese sauce and we realized why it became all the rage. It was amazing! For dessert, she served up lemon ricotta muffins with lemon thyme butter, also a Reddit favorite.  We washed it all down with another Reddit VIP, the blackberry basil margarita...well a mimosa cause she made it with rum. 

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Where did we get our info? 

Digital Trends

12 bizarre corners of Reddit that prove it's the oddest place on the internet

Jason In Hell Original Post

Update: Im Taking Your Advice

Brandi Worley

Mom who killed kids after husband asked for divorce gets 120 years in prison

911 call

What did we eat? 

Cheesesteak Stuffed Shells: r/budgetfood

Lemon Ricotta Muffins with a Lemon Thyme Butter Drizzle: r/recipes

What did we drink? 

Blackberry Basil Margarita: r/recipes 

However, Cindy made this with vodka instead not tequila





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