Juana Hear A Story?

This week our story comes out of Mexico. It’s an unbelievable story made for the headlines.  A single mother who happens to be a professional Luchadora, or Mexican wrestler, who struck fear in the hearts of many of  Mexico’s abuelitas. We are covering none other than Juana Dayanara Barazza Samperio also known as La Mataviejitas or the little Old Lady Killer. 

For dinner, we had Mexican Sopes. While these are not your typical Americanized dishes such as tacos or burritos, sopes are just as flavorful and frankly way underappreciated. Cindy took care to knock us out with them. For dessert, she wowed us with a strawberry shortcake tres leches cake that left us weak in the knees. And what else would one wash it all down with, but the official beer of Mexico, Modelo Especial. 

Story starts at 25:00

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Where did we get our info?

BOOK: The Little Old Lady Killer by Susana Vargas Cervantes




What did we eat? 

Mexican Sopes Recipe

Strawberry Shortcake Tres Leches Cake

What did we drink?

Modela Especial





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