Plots and Schemes

This week we take on a Canadian unsolved mystery. Lindsay Buziak was an upcoming realtor in the Victoria, British Columbia area when she got the opportunity of a lifetime. It was this event that cut her life short. Join us this week as we tackle this mystery and share our opinions about who the killer might be. 

Cindy prepared French Canadian ragout boulettes over egg noodles. Oh, Canada! We paired that with some Crown Royal whiskey sours. As a sweet treat, she served up flapper pie. Canada, your food did not disappoint. 

Story Starts at 38:24

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Where did we get our info from? 

Lindsay Buziak Murder

Investigation 2008 Documents


Lindsay Buziak

Historic Mysteries

What did we eat? 

Meatball Stew

Over egg noodles

Flapper Pie

What we drink? 

Whisky Sour

(No egg edits added) 



Dun Dun Dun


Record Scratch

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