Supermarket Sweep

This week we cover the story of Randy Stair, aka Andrew Blaze, who used his popular YouTube channel to plan and complete a shooting spree at the supermarket where he was employed. Randy was a huge fan of the Danny Phantom cartoon series and as his mental illness progressed so did his obsession with one particular character on the show; Ember McLain . 

The dinner theme was “popular recipes on YouTube” and Cindy delivered with a Carnal Dish recipe of “weeknight roast chicken with garlic and herb butter sauce” which was a melt in your mouth delight. For dessert, she followed a cream puff recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen. These cream puffs lasted seconds. We drank Bogle Phantom wine; a rich blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Mourvedre. It was a delicious red blend we all enjoyed.  

Time Stamp: 28:46

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Where did we get our info from? 


Randy Stair - Real Life Villains Wiki

What truly caused Randy Stair to crack?

Danny Phantom

Ember McLain

School Shooters

Youtuber To Mass Murderer

What did we eat? 

Weeknight Roast Chicken with Garlic and Herb Butter Sauce - CarnalDish

Cream Puffs Recipe (VIDEO) -

What did we drink? 

Bogle Phantom


Game Over Fail 


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