If your idea of the “first drag queen” has you thinking of RuPaul, you are in for a surprise.  This week, Dana shares the incredible story of William Dorsey Swann. Born into slavery, he was the first known person to hold the title of “Queen of Drag” and the first known American activist to lead a queer resistance group. This is a fun story we’re sure you’ll enjoy. 

For dinner, Cindy took inspiration from the south with Maryland crab cakes served with a white wine mushroom pasta and baked asparagus. For dessert, we shared slices of Smith Island Cake. This elaborate, multi-layered, cake was decadent. We washed it all down with Maryland’s signature drink, the Orange Crush, an Ocean City, Maryland favorite, and now ours too. 

Story starts at 32:31

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Where did we get our info?

Trixie Mattel Breaks Down the History of "Drag" 

How William Dorsey Swann Became America's First Drag Queen

The Extraordinary Story Of Why A 'Cakewalk' 

From slavery to voguing: the House of Swann

William Dorsey Swann

LGBTQIA+ Rights.

What did we eat? 

Perfect Maryland Crab Cakes- A Spicy Perspective

With a white wine mushroom pasta and baked asparagus 

Smith Island Cake Using Cake Mix

What did we drink?

Orange Crush

Signature Maryland Cocktails




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